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Automotive and transportation materials and technologies

Modern cars, trucks, buses and trains differentiate through design and efficiency. Covestro provides the right products, with expertise in manufacturing, processing and construction.

Polycarbonate used in the Automotive and Transportation Industry

Covestro serves the global automotive and transportation industries as an innovative material and technology provider.

Our global portfolio and technical expertise on polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends provide designers and engineers with lightweight, high-performing materials that make eye-catching design possible and improve vehicle efficiency through weight-reductions and better aerodynamics.

Makrolon® polycarbonate for example is used in transparent and colored parts of cars, trucks, buses and trains.

Apec® high heat polycarbonate is used for lighting applications such as headlamp bezels, headlamp lenses and light housings that demand high temperature resistance along with impact resistance and excellent light transparency.

Bayblend® (PC+ABS; PC+ASA blend) exhibits an excellent balance of properties. Most notably are high toughness – even at low temperatures – rigidity, dimensional stability, excellent creep resistance, low moisture absorption, good heat resistance, partly with outstanding flame-retardancy, making it the material of choice for many applications, such as car interior parts and thermoformed sheets for cladding of railway-cabins or injection molding consoles.

Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend) resins offer additional high chemical resistance to many lubricants, solvents and cleaning agents, as well as excellent paintability, making it a great fit for tough exterior body parts for cars, trucks and buses, including radiator grilles, cab-corner and bumpers.


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