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Creative material solutions for future automotive concepts

To visualize their ideas, the students used 3D and 2D renderings, posters and high-resolution photos, as well as mood boards, which are arrangements of visual elements that project the concept and emotional aspects of a design, while underlining the attractiveness of plastics.

In return, the project offered the students a welcome opportunity to gain practical insight into the work of a leading materials company. Two of the students will complete internships at Covestro this summer.

Architectural Daylighting with Polycarbonate

Providing natural light to interior spaces is a priority to Architects. Although glass can fulfill this requirement, it is brittle and heavy. Polycarbonate makes daylighting possible, while also providing resistance to vandalism & forced entry, protection from extreme weather, as well as flammability resistance that cannot be achieved with other clear plastic materials.

DirectCoating for Automotive Applications

The DirectCoating process allows for the creation of finished, coated parts for automotive interior and exterior applications. It combines an injection-molded polycarbonate blend substrate with a polyurethane coating in a single machine, offering cost reduction and process efficiencies.

Resilient Plastic Withstands Disinfectants

Healthcare acquired infections are a significant problem in healthcare today. One of the steps being taken by hospital staff to combat them is the use of more aggressive disinfectants to wipe-down hospital equipment. As a result, medical equipment housings or enclosures may suffer stress failures and unappealing surface changes. We have developed a new polycarbonate blend called Makroblend® EL4000 which provides a high level of chemical resistance against many aggressive disinfectants to help mitigate the above problem.

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