Eyes of a car: polycarbonate for the new look

Automotive lighting

The headlamps define the personality of car, they are one of the most important automotive design elements. In the future, the “eyes” of a car may not only look more extravagant, they may also be much lighter. New lenses made of polycarbonates give automotive designers previously unimagined freedom, while significantly reducing component weight.

LED Automotive Lighting
Headlamp using LED technology

Every automotive headlamp contains at least one lens about half the size of a tennis ball, which focuses the light. The lenses on virtually all cars were made of glass up to now. This caused them to be heavy, weighing in at several hundred grams.

Covestro develops polycarbonates that meet the toughest optical requirements (high light transmission values, stability to high temperatures and to LED light) while weighing only half as much as glass. Because polycarbonate lenses can be processed into almost any shape, they focus the light more effectively than their glass counterparts. By doing so, they save even more electricity, in addition to the significant power savings of Light-emitting diode (LED) headlamps compared to conventional halogen bulbs.

In addition to the lenses, Covestro can also supply thermoplastic materials for the reflectors. New processes as optical molding are being developed to tap the full potential of these tailor-made materials.

These new materials and processes pave the way for cars whose headlamps are lighter, save energy are very durable and allow a wide range of design options.

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