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Searching for polycarbonate materials for use in small appliances and white goods? Look no further! Covestro’s portfolio of high-quality polycarbonate and polycarbonate blend are formulated specifically to meet the current and future development needs of this market.

Crystal clear & High toughness appliances parts in Makrolon benefit you in every respect
Crystal clear & high toughness appliances parts in Makrolon® benefit you in every respect

Covestro serves the appliances industry as a material supplier and solution provider. Polycarbonate materials meet a wide variety of requirements, including thermal stability, transparency, toughness and flame retardance. These materials are solution for replacing metal and glass to meet increasing light weight, safety and design freedom needs.

We offer a number of polycarbonate resin and blend grades with properties tailored to meet the needs of small appliances and white goods manufacturers.

Makrolon® and Apec® polycarbonate resins boast a combination of high transparency, toughness and heat resistance.

Bayblend® (PC+ABS; PC+ASA blend) resin offers good thermal stability, toughness and dimensional stability.

Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend) resin brings its outstanding low-temperature impact resistance, heat resistance and good chemical resistance to appliance applications.

Covestro offers additional custom solutions to appliance manufacturers in the form of colors and optical effects that can be used with its polycarbonate materials. Through its Color Competence and Design Centers, the customizable colors and effects Covestro offers help equipment designers and manufacturers bring to market stylish, eye-catching products that meet safety and other important requirements.

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