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Covestro polycarbonate for automotive exterior applications

To help meet higher fuel-efficiency standards, automakers are looking to increase use of thermoplastics that offer superior durability, toughness and strength. Covestro polycarbonates offer numerous benefits, including part integration, reduced component weight and design freedom beyond classical steel and glass solutions, while also having a glass-like appearance.

Exterior parts like spoilers combine design and polycarbonate
A perfect composition of polycarbonate and design

From spoilers to bezels to roof solutions, Covestro drives innovation for automotive exterior applications.

Panoramic roofs using Makrolon® polycarbonate glazing and Bayblend® (PC+ABS, PC+ASA blend) frames can reduce component weight by up to 50 percent compared to glass. Additionally, thermoplastics offer unique design and styling solutions, such as the ability to be formed into complex shapes and curves that would not be possible with traditional materials, such as glass and steel.

For example, the design freedom of Makrolon® allows for the creation of a large, high-gloss black roof bezel – a design element not feasible with glass – that visually maximizes the glass-like surface area.

Polycarbonate special blends enable vehicle front grilles and trim parts to be formed in one mold. Subsequent operations can provide finishing effects such as matte black or metallization. Mirrors, bezels, spoilers and other exterior trim parts formed from Bayblend® or Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend) offer selectively high resistance to fuel, oil, grease and other chemicals, while also providing excellent dimensional stability and toughness.

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