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Polycarbonates for automotive interior applications

Covestro is a leading materials supplier for high quality interior solutions to the automotive industry. Automotive designers, engineers and manufacturers rely on our polycarbonate resins and blends for a broad range of interior applications, including trim, electronic components and instrument panels that require high quality surfaces and dimensional stability as well as an attractive total quality perception.

ZaZen concept car instrument panel
ZaZen concept car instrument panel

To meet consumer expectations, today’s automotive interior designs increasingly feature improved component functionality while still maintaining an elegant, luxurious appearance. Covestro polycarbonate resins and blends can be used to help integrate technology into a vehicle’s interior, resulting in an improved driving experience. 

We contribute to the latest interior vehicle trends.

Whether its structural components such as instrument panels, light guides, colorful, high/low-gloss or leather-like interior surfaces or decorative film based back injected parts polycarbonate can help automakers produce automotive interiors that are more appealing to drivers and passengers.

For automotive interior applications, Covestro polycarbonate resins and blends offer an ideal combination of high mechanical performance, surface quality and durability at high temperatures. Our Bayblend® (PC+ABS, PC+ASA blends) can be used to create a variety of colors, surface grains and finishes.

Case Study
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JVIS USA, LLC uses Bayblend® T85 XF PC+ABS blend resin from Covestro to create a striking automotive seatback with a high-gloss, piano black surface.
High-gloss, piano black Automotive seatback
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Covestro developed a polycarbonate blend and process concept for cost-effective production of decorative auto interior components like glove box covers.
Glove Box
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Multifunctional trim strip
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Future interior concept
Future interior concept
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