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Polycarbonates help designers create furniture with flair

Whether it’s for the home, office or local eatery, furniture should be functional and stylish. With materials from Covestro, furniture designers and manufacturers are able to create furniture with flair.

Makrolon® chair Crystal
Makrolon® chair Crystal

Styles are always evolving. Covestro offers those looking to stay on the leading edge of furniture design a powerful advantage: a wide range of polycarbonate resins and blends.

Our flagship Makrolon® polycarbonate offers a combination of strength, durability, impact resistance and high dimensional stability. Makrolon® FU1007 and Makrolon® FU4007 were formulated specifically for the furniture industry. Both grades include ultraviolet protection and are easy to color and process via injection molding, opening seemingly endless design and style possibilities.

As an example, for transparent seating, Makrolon® is often the material of choice. Prefer an opaque aesthetic? We have what you’re looking for with Bayblend® T (PC+ABS, PC+ASA blend) resin and Makroblend® TP973 (PC+PET, PC+PBT blend), a blend of post-production polycarbonate and post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate. Additionally, both transparent and opaque formulas of our Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet can be found in applications, such as dividing walls.


Thermoplastics from Covestro are also available in customizable colors and with flame-retardant properties.

For high-quality furniture applications – such as chairs, dividing walls and bar stools – that are both visually appealing and durable, designers and manufacturers choose Covestro´s thermoplastic materials.

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Makrolon® 2607 polycarbonate gives In House Furniture’s café Pocket Chairs increased durability, while LEDA® compounded color technology allows for a wide range of unique color options.
InHouse furniture

Colorful polycarbonate creates chairs with style & strength.

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Rubik bar stool
Rubik bar stool

Use of polycarbonates and color technolgies for distinctive furniture design

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