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Style & strength: Polycarbonate protective cases for mobile devices

These days, it seems like nearly everyone uses a cell phone, tablet or other mobile devices. Protective cases made of durable Makrolon® and Bayblend® resins are a stylish way to keep these valuable devices safe and protect them from damages caused by drops and hard use.

Belkin International’s Snap Shield Perforation case and colored inserts, molded from Makrolon® 2207 polycarbonate from Covestro, help consumers protect and personalize their iPad devices.
Makrolon® keeps electronics like cellphones and tablets brand new

To meet consumer demand for protective cases that offer strength and style, manufacturers and designers require a durable material with coloring capabilities. Makrolon® polycarbonate and Bayblend® (PC+ABS; PC+ASA blend) resins from Covestro fulfill this need.

They provide an outstanding balance of impact strength and flexibility, along with dimensional and heat stability. Depending on the material selected, some grades also contain ultraviolet stabilizer.

And to provide consumers with the customization and style they crave, Covestro´s color technology enables manufactures and designers to impart a wide range of colors into the thermoplastics to develop and produce protective cases which durable yet stylish. By selecting Makrolon® and Bayblend® resins, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

From impact-resistant and colorful cell phone cases, to tablet cases with interchangeable colored inserts, to adaptive cases that turn your smart phone into an active sport camera, Covestro proves you with the necessary material to realize these applications.

Case Study
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iCorners™ were developed to protect iPad® and iPhone® bodies and screens from damage without compromising the design. The product’s transparent look and strength were made possible by Makrolon® 2407 polycarbonate from Bayer MaterialScience LLC.
Don’t cut corners on protection
Tough polycarbonate helps protect mobile devices. more »
iPhone 4 case
Stylish, bold iPhone 4 case
“i”catching protective case relies on Covestro polycarbonate more »
iPad2 cover
iPad2 cover
Picking the right material was a snap thanks to Makrolon® 2207 polycarbonate more »
The Speck MacBook Air SeeThru case, molded from Makrolon® 2407 polycarbonate from Bayer MaterialScience, provides consumers sleek, super thin protection.
Makrolon® for MacBook covers
Protective MacBook covers are the perfect fit more »
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