Covestro shines a light on material selection

Polycarbonate Materials and Technologies for Lighting Applications

If you are designing or manufacturing a lighting component for commercial, industrial or residential use, Covestro has a lighting solution for you. Covestro´s portfolio includes engineered polycarbonate grades developed specifically to meet the needs of the lighting industry.

Unbreakable long life polycarbonate solutions shine the whole 50000 hours LED life cycle
Unbreakable long life polycarbonate solutions shine the whole 50,000 hours LED life cycle

From reflective color and light-diffusing, to flame-retardant, UV-stabilized and thermally conductive polycarbonate grades, Covestro has solutions to lighting OEMs’ material and technological needs.

Makrolon® polycarbonate and Apec® high-heat polycarbonates can be used to efficiently manufacture parts with complex geometries, giving OEMs virtually unlimited possibilities for design compared with glass. Additionally, the parts are lightweight and boast a long service life.

Polycarbonate materials for outdoor lighting applications are exposed to a variety of stresses, which require the materials used to be highly resistant to temperature extremes, impact and UV radiation. Our transparent Makrolon® and Apec® polycarbonates meet these demands.

Covestro’s portfolio of LED grades is specially formulated to offer in-demand properties for LED lighting.

Lighting OEMs are focusing their research and development on innovations that can stretch the boundaries of conventional lighting engineering and installation. Covestro provides manufacturers and designers a lighting materials toolkit to expand the realm of application possibilities.


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