Thermoplastics for Smart Grid Technologies

Safe and reliable

Smart Materials for the Smart Grid

Under the term smart grid, the electrical industry is developing new concepts to use existing energy resources more effectively. New products and systems are needed across the board – from energy generation to consumption. Covestro thermoplastics will be instrumental to bringing new products to market

smart grid
Flame-retardant thermoplastics from Covestro offer material solutions to help bring new smart grid products to market

With our Makrolon® polycarbonate and Bayblend® (PC+ABS; PC+ASA blend) Covestro offers solutions for smart grid hardware components, such as smart meter housings. The property profiles of Bayblend® and Makrolon® meet the strict requirements for materials used in electrical housings, including flame retardance, safety and reliability, ensuring compliance with national and supranational electrical industry specifications and standards.

In fact, Covestro offers a variety of flame-retardant polycarbonate grades – Makrolon® FR, Bayblend® FR, and Makroblend® FR (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend) resin. The Makrolon® FR and Bayblend® FR grades exhibit high heat resistance, surface quality and dimensional stability, among other properties. Makroblend® FR provides good chemical resistance and UL94 V0 5VA rating at 2.3 mm. All three material grades meet UL94 V0 standards up to 0.75 mm. A fourth-generation Bayblend® FR material offers a new flame-retardant technology, enhanced long-term aging stability, excellent chemical resistance and outstanding hydrolytic properties.

With our multiple flame-retardant thermoplastics, manufacturers can find just the right smart material for their smart grid products.

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