Makrolon® LED2245 polycarbonate AtomSvet case study

Highly robust line of LED luminaires for interior and exterior use

Makrolon® LED is an extremely versatile engineering material for LED lighting technology. Its excellent property profile covers the diverse range of requirements the luminaires must fulfill when used in industrial, commercial, construction or transportation applications.

OEM: AtomSvet LLC
Industry: Lighting, electrical
Application: LED luminaires
ProductMakrolon® LED2245 polycarbonate

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One example of this versatility are the modular AtomSvet® Revolt, Meccano, Plant, Color and Bio LED lighting systems, each of which has been optimized for a particular primary application. They are used, for example, in industrial buildings with aggressive environments featuring high levels of dust and steam, in those sections of buildings at high risk of fire or explosion, and to light roads and sports facilities. The transparent covers of the luminaires, into which the lenses direct the LED light have been integrated by means of injection molding and are made of Makrolon® LED2245.

The polycarbonate was chosen in part for its high transparency, which minimizes light losses and does not alter the spectrum of the LED light. Because impact strength remains high at low temperatures, the luminaires are robust and well protected against vandalism even in arctic conditions. Its good heat resistance and high resistance to numerous acids are also advantageous in an industrial environment, for instance.

Besides its breaking resistance, another advantage of Makrolon® over other transparent thermoplastics is that it is very dimensionally stable. The covers’ dimensions hardly vary at all despite severe temperature fluctuations, and the lamps remain tight. In the case of the AtomSvet® Bio luminaire designed for use in greenhouses, this provides for reliable protection of the lamp’s internals against moisture. The material’s high reproduction accuracy in injection molding further ensures that the integrated lenses fit precisely on the LEDs, which are arranged on a circuit board module.

The main properties of Makrolon® LED2245 polycarbonate are:

  • Designed for light guides, optics, lenses
  • High light transmission, even with higher layer thicknesses
  • Impact and break-resistant even at low temperatures
  • Dimensionally stable with high reproduction accuracy
  • Low-viscosity smelt and easy mold release
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