Worry-free charging

ChargePoint takes charge with impact-resistant Makrolon® polycarbonate

Electric mobility is gaining traction globally. Public charging stations are being installed to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the road. Polycarbonates from Covestro are playing a role in protecting these charging stations – many of which are outside and in unattended public locations.

OEM: ChargePoint, Inc., USA 
Supplier: Covestro
Industry: Automotive 
Application: Housing for electric vehicle charger 
Product: Makrolon® 6487, Makrolon® 6557 polycarbonate

Full case study:

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With more than 15,000 charging locations, ChargePoint is the world’s largest network of EV charging stations. After a careful evaluation, the company selected Makrolon® polycarbonate because it is strong, rugged and can withstand the elements.

ChargePoint, Inc. engineers also wanted to cooperate with a materials supplier that provided material technology expertise including aspects of prototyping, engineering and manufacturing by ChargePoint.

The resulting CT4021 Bollard Dual Charging Station is making it easier than ever for EV owners to get a worry-free charge on the road or at home. The CT4021 utilizes Makrolon® 6487 polycarbonate for the top cap and plug holsters, as well as Makrolon® 6557 clear polycarbonate for the front-facing panels, giving station owners a more affordable, customizable, and intuitive way to charge up.

The main properties of Makrolon® 6487 polycarbonate are:

  • Flame retardant UL 94V-0/1.5 mm and 5VA/3.0 mm ratings
  • Medium viscosity
  • UV stabilized
  • Easy release

The main properties of Makrolon® 6557 polycarbonate are:

  • Clear
  • Impact resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Has a UL 94V-0/3.0 mm rating
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