High-tech IT housing

Polycarbonate material makeover connects aesthetics and function

High-tech IT housing

In the world of high-tech electronics, it’s not just functionality that matters. Aesthetics come into play as well, as manufacturers strive to meet design and color requirements of end users.

Digi XBee
The housing of the XBee® Gateway uses Makrolon® 6487 polycarbonate.


When network connectivity provider Digi International was producing a private label version of its XBee® Gateway, it received customer feedback about inconsistent coloring of the white housing. Digi needed a new material that would satisfy customer requirements and ultimately enhance the product.


The material had to feature better UV resistance that would help ensure color wouldn’t degrade over time, even if exposed to bright sunlight from a nearby window or under fluorescent lights. Digi turned to Covestro and Makrolon® 6487 polycarbonate.


Combining remarkable toughness, good heat resistance, and high dimensional accuracy and stability, Makrolon® is a go-to material for many applications. Makrolon® 6487 polycarbonate features superior flame retardance, durability and impact resistance, and offers processing advantages like easy release from the mold. Covestro provided Digi with color matching support and the specific bright white color the customer required with a pre-colored resin to ensure consistent quality.

Case Profile


Covestro LLC


XBee® Gateway

Makrolon® polycarbonate - the state of the art design all-rounder with phenomenal material properties

Makrolon® 6487 polycarbonate is highly stabilized and remains relatively unchanged when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

This flame retardant material resists catching on fire and is known to be effective in slowing or resisting burning.

This polycarbonate grade is exceptionally durable and impact resistant.

Makrolon® 6487 polycarbonate is a medium-viscosity resin that can be easily released from the mold.

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