On-body drug delivery device features Covestro materials

On-body drug delivery device with Covestro plastic

Medical device innovation

Biologic drugs are a fast-growing segment in the pharmaceutical industry. Derived from a microorganism, or plant or animal cells, biologics are often used to treat cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

on-body drug delivery device from Enable Injections
Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate and Bayblend® M850 XF PC+ABS blend resins are featured on the on-body drug delivery device from Enable Injections.


Biologics are injected or infused, which typically requires inconvenient visits to specialty healthcare facilities or painful self-injections for patients. To solve these challenges, Enable Injections, Inc. developed a disposable on-body drug delivery device.


The Enable device allows patients to comfortably self-administer high-volume and/or high-viscosity therapeutics. The selected materials needed to meet a variety of requirements for patient safety, including durability and biocompability while offering good aesthetics.


Covestro supported Enable Injections every step of the way from material selection to in-house part testing and manufacturing support. The housing of the on-body device features Makrolon®Rx1805 polycarbonate in a purple tint. Bayblend® M850 XF polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC+ABS) blend in a white tint is featured on the transfer system, which allows the patient to easily transfer the biologic drug from its original container to the Enable on-body delivery device.

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Disposable on-body drug delivery device

Makrolon® polycarbonate - the state of the art material for a broad range of design applications that possesses phenomenal properies

Both materials are biocompatible according to many ISO 10993-1 test requirements, meaning they are tested for human contact.

As a medical grade resin, Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate is acceptable for sterilization, or disinfection, with high-energy radiation.

Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate is not easily damaged by lipids and offers a high lipid resistance.

Bayblend® M850 XF PC+ABS blend is not easily damaged by heat and is heat resistant up to 131°C (Vicat B/120).

Bayblend® M850 XF PC+ABS blend provides high dimensional accuracy, stability and toughness.

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