Case study firehelmet

Defeating the heat

Eye protection for firefighters in hot, smoky conditions

Polycarbonate’s tough, heat-resistant and good optical properties make it ideal for use in visors for firefighter helmets.

Supplier: KZPT, Poland
Industry: Security & Protection
Application: Firehelmet
Product: Apec® FR1892 high-heat Polycarbonate

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Being able to see in hostile, flame- and smoke-filled environment is crucial to the firefighters. Polycarbonate from Covestro helps protect the view of firefighters under extreme conditions.

As requirements for firefighters’ helmets become stricter, manufacturers need materials with flame resistant properties. To help ensure proper protection for firefighter Polish helmet manufacturer KZPT sought a material for visors that could defeat the heat by passing the stringent safety tests required by the Fire Departments Institute in Poland and Germany as well as the Polish Institute of Labor Protection. And while safety was critical, it was also important for the visor to have a good appearance.

KZPT selected Apec® FR1892 polycarbonate, a high-heat, amorphous, high-performance thermoplastic from Covestro. It fulfills the thermal requirements defined in the standard EN 443:2008 for firefighters’ helmets. The material is injection molded, then metallized, resulting in a durable visor with a distinctive appearance.

The main properties of Apec® FR1892 polycarbonate are:

  • High heat resistance
  • High transparency
  • Easy flow
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