Sit back and enjoy the ride

Railway seats benefit from durable Bayblend® modified PC from Covestro

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Passengers who travel by mass transportation, like railways, may not give the seating a second thought, but the seats are engineered specifically to give them a safe and comfortable ride.

Grammer Seat
Grammer uses Bayblend FR411 MT for the back cover of its railway seats for S-Bahn Hamburg, as it meets the according fire protection requirements of EN45545.


The Hamburg S-Bahn is a mass transit railway network in the Hamburg metropolitan region. The transit system’s railcars are heavily used, and to withstand the constant wear and tear, the interiors must be durable while maintaining passenger safety. Bombardier was selected to supply new railcars.


Bombardier turned to transportation seat manufacturer Grammer for the new S-Bahn railway seating. For this demanding application, Grammer needed a material that is tough and satisfies the high flame-retardant requirements set forth by the European standard for Railway EN45545.


Grammer chose durable Bayblend® FR411 MT from Covestro. This mass transit grade enabled Grammer to achieve the desired surface grain while satisfying the high flame-retardant requirements of standard EN45545 for requirements set R6, Hazard-Level 2. Covestro supplied the Bayblend® FR411 MT blend resin that was extruded and then thermoformed, shaping the sheet through heat and pressure, resulting into back cover of the railway seats.

Case Profile




Bayblend® FR411 MT, which is also available from Covestro as sheet under the brand-name Bayblend® MTX

Bayblend® (modified PC) – On the right track with polycarbonate

Bayblend® FR411 MT has excellent FR-properties, meeting the requirements of EN45545 for many applications.

Bayblend@ FR411 MT and Bayblend® MTX Sheets are easy to process and easy to mold.

Customized color-solutions without painting, textured surfaces with many choices, environmental friendly.

This mass transit-specific material grade is well suited for use in seats, wall paneling, ceilings and other interior fittings in rail vehicles.

Bayblend® FR411 MT is a highly impact-resistant material.

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