Bayblend® resins enable quick and safe battery replacement

Pushing boudaries with new universal replaceable battery system

Reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is a driving force for growth in the electric propulsion of vehicles. Enhancements to rechargeable batteries are needed to help electromobility gain wider adoption.

The GreenPack® replaceable battery system utilizes flame-retardant grades of Bayblend® resin from Covestro for safe and quick battery replacement.


Users of battery-powered electric cars and mopeds, industrial vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers need a dependable and universal battery module that they can replace quickly and safely. Constin’s GreenPack® lithium-ion rechargeable battery module is designed to power such mobile and stationary applications.


Constin needed a robust material able to withstand wear and tear as users repeatedly exchange the battery. While recharging the old battery in a separate charging unit the user can go on using the electric device with another fully charged Greenpack battery.


Bayblend® PC+ABS blend resins from Covestro offered the combination of properties required to ensure the functionality and safe operation of the battery modules. The bright green housing of the GreenPack® battery is made of flame-retardant Bayblend® FR3010 PC+ABS blend resin; the cell holder is formed from Bayblend® FR3008 HR PC+ABS blend resin. The polycarbonate blends are formulated to be easily molded and can be processed quickly and economically – all important features for this application.

Case Profile


Covestro AG


Electronics and/or Automotive


GreenPack® lithium-ion rechargeable battery module

Bayblend® (PC+ABS-Blend) - Discover the best of both worlds

Bayblend® PC+ABS blend flame-retardant resin grades meet the Underwriter’s Laboratory’s UL 94 rating for flammability, meaning that they will not easily catch on fire or burn.

Because of its light weight, Bayblend® FR3010 PC+ABS blend resin is appropriate for use in mobile and replaceable battery system applications.

Bayblend® FR3008 HR PC+ABS blend resin offers high impact resistance, helping to protect the battery cell within the battery module.

Both grades used for this application are suitable for injection molding, allowing for efficient processing, and their good ductility helps them to be easily molded or shaped.

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