Reducing heat and optimizing design in LED lighting

Thermally conductive polycarbonate helps beat the heat in LEDs

Reducing heat and optimizing design

From time to time a technology emerges that completely transforms an industry. LED technology is one of the most disruptive technologies in the lighting market with almost no alternative.

Covestro’s thermally conductive polycarbonates help beat the heat in LED heatsinks for replacement lamps or next-generation luminaires.
Covestro’s thermally conductive polycarbonate helps beat the heat in LED heatsinks for replacement lamps or next-generation luminaires.


Lighting designers and manufacturers need to stay abreast of the changing market landscape, integrating the latest LED technology and materials to create next-generation lighting applications that optimize efficiency and design.


While LEDs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, they still emit energy in the form of heat. This heat must be dissipated via cooling elements to ensure a high light yield and long service life for the lamps. To create effective cooling elements, manufacturers need materials that can beat the heat.


Covestro’s thermally conductive polycarbonates are used as an alternative to metals in secondary optics, diffusors, reflectors and heatsinks for LEDs. Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate provides thermal management with almost half the weight of aluminum. Because the thermoplastic is injection molded, designers have freedom to create non-traditional shapes, use in-mold decoration and optimize joining techniques. Covestro worked with Finnish partners to explore the technical possibilities of this material.

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Heatsink for LED luminaires

Makrolon® polycarbonate - the state of the art design all-rounder with phenomenal material properties

Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate has high thermal conductivity, which makes the material a channel for heat to pass through.

The high level of design freedom offered by Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate gives designers the flexibility to create different shapes.

Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate is processed using the injection molding technique, where the material is injected into a heated mold to form a part.

Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate is a light weight material offering a weight savings in this application of almost 50 percent when compared with aluminum..

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