Auto injector is designed with the patient in mind

Auto-injector uses plastics for optimal portability and safety

Designed with the patient in mind

Severe allergies can be life threathening and people who are at risk for anaphylaxis must be prepared at all times to administer a potentially life-saving dose of medicine.

Intelliject epinephrine auto injector housing
Auto-injector uses Covestro thermoplastics for optimal portability, safety and ease of use.


A specialty pharmaceutical company endeavored to create a new epinephrine auto-injector. The size of a credit card and thinner than a typical cell phone, the device is designed for patients at risk for anaphylaxis to carry at all times.


The pharmaceutical company was looking for materials to mold the housing and outer cover of its epinephrine auto-injector. The thermoplastic needed to have high flow to fill the thin-wall parts, high strength, availability in a range of colors and satisfy biocompatibility requirements.


Since Makrolon® 2458 medical grade polycarbonate is ideal for thin-wall molding, it is used for the very thin outer cover of the device. The electrical cover, white housing, top and red safety guard are injection molded using medical-grade Bayblend® M850 XF. The part of the device that touches the patient during injection is molded from Bayblend® M850 XF. Covestro provided technical support through finite element analysis and mold-flow analysis of the materials.

Case Profile


Covestro LLC


Pharmaceutical Company




Epinephrine auto-injector

Bayblend® (PC+ABS- Blend; PC+ASA-Blend) - Discover the best of both worlds

Medical grades Bayblend® M850 XF (PC+ABS blend) meet the requirements of the FDA-modified ISO 10993-1 tests for biocompatibility.

Bayblend® M850 XF (PC+ABS blend) offers impact resistance, rigidity and dimensional stability, retaining the materials' original shape even when exposed to heat or humidity.

Bayblend® PC+ABS blends are available in a range of colors and exhibit color stability, the ability for the color to remain constant over the life of the material.

Medical grades of Makrolon® polycarbonate offer high impact strength, durability, transparency and the ability to be custom colored.

Medical-grade Makrolon® polycarbonate is able to be sterilized, resistant to many pharmaceuticals and satisfies major bio-compatibility requirements.

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