Illuminating the way for LED luminaires in parking structures

Covestro polycarbonate optimizes function and benefits of LEDs

Illuminating the way for LED luminaires in parking structures

LED lighting is becoming the preferred lighting choice in nearly every setting, including where we live, work and play. In the competitive lighting market, manufacturers are eager to set themselves apart.

LEDs for parking garages
Kenall Manufacturing utilizes secondary and tertiary optics molded with Makrolon® polycarbonate from Covestro within parking garages and its high bay product lines.


LEDs are gaining popularity as lighting parking areas and high bay. Compared with conventional light sources, LEDs are a more appealing, energy-efficient option with a long service life and a customized level of light dispersion. Lighting manufacturer Kenall wanted to set its products apart.


To differentiate itself from the competition, Kenall needed high-perfomance materials to meet technical requirements and high customer expections. Components for lighting within parking garages and its high bay product lines had to offer improved light transmission and efficiency.


Kenall turned to Makrolon® polycarbonate from Covestro for injection molding into secondary and tertiary optics. In addition, Covestro provided mold flow analyses and design support to optimize lumen output. Covestro’s materials, in combination with intelligent design, efficient power electronics and state-of-the-art LED sources, allow Kenall to boast product efficacies that are among the highest in the market, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s LED Light Facts program.

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Makrolon® polycarbonate - the state of the art design all-rounder with phenomenal material properties

Makrolon® polycarbonate has grades specifically developed for use in LED lighting to meet the needs of the lighting industry.

Makrolon® polycarbonate offers glass-like transparency, which allows for a high level of light transmission for lighting applications.

The material is tough, thanks to its high dimensional accuracy and stability, which allows it to withstand high tempatures.

Makrolon® polycarbonate is not easily damaged by heat thanks to its good heat resistance. Additionally, many flame-retardant, or burn-resistant, grades are available.

Good electrical properties are another benefit of Makrolon® polycarbonate.

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