dcsimg Makrolon® LED2245 polycarbonate LED luminaires case study

Extremely flat – LED luminaire in CD form

Makrolon® LED offers numerous advantages for lighting applications, including not only high transparency, design freedom and heat resistance, but also its outstanding mold surface reproduction. These advantages are exemplified by the “F | limyé Flat.”

Industry: Lighting, electrical
Application: Flat LED luminaires
ProductMakrolon® LED2245 polycarbonate

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Behind this lighting innovation is an extremely flat LED lamp from EDC Lighting & Optics, which is also the luminaire. It comprises a transparent layer of Makrolon® LED2245, which at just 1.8 millimeters is as thin as a CD and can be round or squared. The numerous little LEDs are seated in dimples 1.4 millimeters wide and 1.2 millimeters deep injection molded into the layer. The unique design means that the transparent board does not have to be hidden or flush-mounted, but rather enables the light to be emitted directly from the edge. Thanks to the outstanding mold surface reproduction of the polycarbonate, these dimples can be injection molded with greater precision than is possible with other transparent plastics. In contrast to certain other thermoplastics, the polycarbonate is also break-resistant for added safety. Another advantage enjoyed by the material is the high dimensional stability over a broad temperature range, which enables the delicate luminaire to be precisely structured and also ensures the elasticity required in light of different degrees of expansion.

The luminaire’s extremely flat structure is also due in part to the fact that it uses no classic circuit board technology. Instead, all of the electronic elements required for the operation of the tiny LEDs, such as resistors and traces, are thinly printed on the transparent layer. It is also possible to reproduce microstructures for routing the light. The excellent print quality of Makrolon® LED2245 pays off here.

F | limyé Flat can also be equipped with flat ancillary lenses or integrated optics of polycarbonate that either bundle or scatter the light depending on the application. The “luminous disc” is particularly well suited for use when there is little space available for the installation of lamps, such as with suspended ceilings or as lights on the bottoms of hanging kitchen cabinets. This technology can also be used in residential space, in designer lamps and for retail and office lighting. The low weight also affords possibilities for lighting design in mobile applications, such as in automobiles and campers, as well as in boating and aviation.

The main properties of Makrolon® LED2245 polycarbonate are:

  • Designed for light guides, optics, lenses
  • Very high light transmission, even with higher layer thicknesses
  • High impact strength
  • Easy to shape
  • Low-viscosity melt
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