Illumination made possible with Covestro polycarbonate

Robust, diffusive plastic for mobile LED work lamps

Illumination made possible

Workplace lamps must provide plenty of light. They also need to operate reliably – even in harsh workplace environments – so that workers aren’t left in the dark.

Fitted with energy-efficient LEDs, Lena Lighting’s Magnum Future mobile spotlight features a diffuser that utilizes Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate.


The Magnum Future mobile spotlight from Lena Lighting fitted with energy-efficient LEDs requires homogeneous light dispersion without causing significant loss of brightness.


Lena Lighting required a material that meets a variety of requirements for its Magnum Future mobile spotlight. The company turned to Covestro for a strong and translucent material for use in the spotlight’s diffuser.


As a grade with tailor-made light-diffusing properties, Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate ensures that the diffuser evenly distributes spots of light from the LEDs with minimal loss. This tough and reliable material protects the LEDs from impacts and also features a low level of shrinkage and limited tendency to warp. Combined with low water absorption, these characteristics allow the material to retain its original shape when exposed to heat or humidity. This highly contributes to the tightness of the entire lamp structure fulfilling the IP54 protection class.

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Diffuser for LED work lamps

Featuring dimensional stability, Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate retains its original shape when exposed to heat or humidity.

  • Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate is tailor-made for use in light and lamp technology applications.
  • This grade of Makrolon® polycarbonate has a low viscosity, meaning that easy filling of thin geometries with longer flow length is possible.
  • Makrolon® 2405 provides outstanding impact strength, a critical attribute for work lamps in a harsh environment.
  • The material features high heat resistance for dimensional stability even at elevated temperatures.
  • Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate features homogeneous light distribution without significant loss of brightness.
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