Covestro polycarbonate grade provides heat management in LED lamps

LEDs can take the heat with specialty polycarbonate components

According to the UNEP Global Efficient Lighting Forum, switching to energy-efficient lighting reduces the worldwide energy requirement by over 100,000 TWh each year and CO2 emissions by 530 million metric tons.

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Makrolon® TC8030 thermally conductive polycarbonate from Covestro ensures good heat management and enables increased design freedom in LED lighting.


Despite improvement with respect to the efficiency of LEDs, the lamps have still not reached the level of efficiency possible because a portion of the energy is converted into heat. This heat must be dissipated via cooling elements to ensure a high light yield and long service life of the lamps.


Lighting manufacturers need a material to help dissipate the heat generated by LED lamps while enabling the creation of cost-efficient advanced lighting. Traditionally used aluminum successfully dissipates heat but it is costly and limits design possibilities.


To answer this industry need, Covestro offers Makrolon® TC8030 thermally conductive polycarbonate. The plastic has good thermal conductivity similar to that of aluminum, but weighs less and is therefore well-suited for lighter-weight LED lighting solutions. The use of Makrolon® TC8030 thermally conductive polycarbonate as an alternative to aluminum reduces assembly steps, and can therefore reduce cost per unit in certain applications.

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Makrolon® polycarbonate – the versatile, state-of-the-art plastic with phenomenal material properties

Since Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate is a thermally conductive grade, it acts as a channel for heat to pass through.

Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate has earned the UL 94 flame class rating of V-0 at 2.0 mm.

This material offers enhanced design freedom enabling lighting manufcturers and designers to create shapes and features not possible with alternative materials, such as aluminum.

Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate is lightweight which in turn helps to reduce the overall weight of the LED lamp.

This grade of polycarbonate is both corrosion and heat resistant, so it is not easily damaged by harsh or abrasive conditions and heat.

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