Speeding up patient recovery

Bone fixation device uses high-strength, biocompatible plastic

Speeding up patient recovery

Medical device manufacturers are developing products that are less invasive, contribute to faster medical procedures and help speed patient recovery.

Metric Medical device
The Super Staple™ Classic bone fixation device from Metric Medical Devices utilizes high-strength, biocompatible polycarbonate from Covestro.


The Super Staple™ Classic provides a superior and instantaneous bone compression force designed to improve bone healing, and reduce complications and healthcare costs, according to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Metric Medical Devices, Inc.


For optimum convenience and cost savings, the Super Staple™ Classic is offered as a sterile, disposable, complete procedure kit. This device demonstrates how medical device OEMs and the healthcare market rely on materials and technical expertise from Covestro to develop life-changing applications.


Makrolon® Rx2530 polycarbonate is injection molded to form the housing of the device, which is bigger than a syringe. Metric selected the material because of its high strength, temperature stability, clarity and biocompatibility. In addition to assisting with material selection, Covestro also conducted testing to demonstrate the material’s compliance with ISO-10993 and U.S. Federal Drug Administration biocompatibility guidelines.

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Covestro LLC




Housing for bone fixation device

Makrolon® polycarbonate - the state of the art material for a broad range of design applications that possesses phenomenal properies

Makrolon® Rx2530 polycarbonate is biocompatible according to many ISO 10993-1 test requirements.

Makrolon® Rx2530 polycarbonate is often utilized in transparent parts for medical devices.

The material has a medium viscosity and can be easily processed by injection molding.

Thanks to the material’s high strength, it can withstand possible impacts.

Makrolon® Rx2530 polycarbonate is a global grade, available worldwide.

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