case study panoramic tilt roof

Open-air feeling

Large roof bezel uses polycarbonate

Incorporating a large panoramic roof into a vehicle’s design is an inviting way for automakers to enhance the driving experience. Covestro polycarbonates provide excellent properties, including black glass appearance with high gloss surface for roof bezel applications

OEM: Audi, Volkswagen
Supplier: Webasto AG
Industry: Automotive & Transportation
Application: Panoramic tilt roof
Product: Makrolon® 2605 polycarbonate
Technology: Injection compression molding

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Automakers, such as Audi and Volkswagen, seek to bring the sensation of the open road to drivers and passengers, wanted to design a significantly larger sunroof than traditional offerings. Hence, they turned to Webasto AG and Covestro for a solution.

A Webasto AG sunroof – featuring a glass surface twice as large as a traditional sunroof – utilizes Makrolon® 2605 black polycarbonate to enclose the glass in a one-piece, U-shaped panel.

With a deep, black gloss effect and a glass-like, scratch-proof surface, the polycarbonate panel effectively makes the glass surface appear larger, while hiding the bodywork structure.

The part is produced using injection-compression molding – a process of choice for molding large, three-dimensional glazing components for polycarbonate panorama roofs and roof bezels. This process is preferred, because it produces low-stress components that are free of sink marks and feature easy-to-coat surface properties.

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