dcsimg Makrolon® Polycarbonate for Phantom Frames LED Bike Case Study

Bright idea for bicycles

Polycarbonate brings to light a child’s wish for an illuminated bicycle

When Phantom Frames’ founder and president learned of his six-year-old son’s wish for a bike that could “light up,” he seized the opportunity to develop a transparent bike frame with internal illumination. Leveraging the material and technical expertise of Covestro, that wish turned into a bright new business.

OEM: Phantom Frames Inc.
Supplier: Covestro
Industry: Consumer Products
Application: LED bike for children
Product: Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate

Full case study:

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Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate from Covestro delivers the strength and durability required to produce Phantom Frames’ unique LED bikes for children. The resin is extremely robust, impact-resistant and lightweight with glass-like transparency. The combination of these properties, along with its inherent lightweight qualities compared with standard bike frame metals, made it the ideal material for Phantom Frames. Optical clarity of the polycarbonate also delivered improved light transmissibility and aesthetics.

The frame features high-intensity LED lights available in five colors and flashing and non-flashing versions, so riders can customize the appearance. In addition to supplying polycarbonate materials for the frame, Covestro provided technical support to optimize production.

The first model to be released will be the 12” Balance Bike, with the goal of expanding the product to fit the 12” Pedal, 16” Pedal and Tricycle models. Bicycles are anticipated to be available in the U.S. market, followed by China and Europe with eventual global release.

The main properties of Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate are:

  • Impact resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Glass-like transparency for improved light transmissibility and aesthetics
  • General purpose grade
  • Medium viscosity
  • Easy release
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