The clear choice for forestry vehicles

Polycarbonate sheet provides clear views & protection

Vehicle manufacturers need durable, reliable materials to ensure that their products stand up to a variety of stresses, protecting drivers and occupants.
Makrolon® polycarbonate’s high impact resistance, strength and optical quality make it a great material for use in vehicle windows.

OEM: John Deere
Supplier: Covestro
Industry: Automotive & Transportation
Application: Polycarbonate-glazed panels
Product: Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet

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Forestry equipment manufacturer John Deere was looking for a material to form the windows of its E-Series vehicles. These timber-felling vehicles need break-proof windows with an excellent all-around view. Makrolon® polycarbonate from  Covestro was John Deere’s material of choice.

Covestro supplied solid sheets of Makrolon® GP 099 polycarbonate for the vehicle’s five large, polycarbonate-glazed panels. The panels protect drivers from injuries caused by falling objects which are most common, such as thick branches or stones.

The material’s design flexibility allowed the sheets to be curved, resulting in better aesthetics and an all-around view.

The sheets are formed, coated and trimmed, and an adhesive primer is applied to the edges at KRD Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. A hard coat based on polysiloxane topcoat Momentive AS 4000, from Momentive Performance Materials GmbH, gives the sheets scratch- and weather-resistant properties very similar to those of glass.

 The Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets comply with the following vehicle-occupancy tests:

  • FOPS test (falling-object protective structures) outlined in ISO 8083
  • OPS test (operator protective structures) described under ISO 8084. This tests the sheets’ static load resistance. Unlike glass and laminated glass, the polycarbonate sheets do not splinter or break when subjected to loads, maximizing safety and increasing the sheets’ lifespans.

 The main properties of Makrolon® GP polycarbonate grades are:

  • Outstanding impact strength
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • High temperature resistance
  • High clarity
  • Light weight
  • Easy to fabricate and decorate

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