Advanced technology balances performance with aesthetics

Advanced technology balances performance with aesthetics

The right look for polycarbonate parts

Designers are continually looking to create plastic components with high-quality surfaces for a variety of applications, including automotive headlights, electronics and medical devices.

When compared to CIM (left), RHCM (right) technology enhances part surface quality by eliminating cosmetic defects.


To mass produce polycarbonate parts, engineers and designers turn to injection molding. This technology allows for designs of nearly any shape with varying geometric complexity and tight tolerances.


Conventional injection molding (CIM) causes a large temperature difference between the melt and the mold – leading to surface imperfections and structural issues. A mold temperature closer to the polymer’s softening point can improve part surface quality, but this often causes longer cycle times.


An advanced injection molding technique known as rapid heating and cooling molding (RHCM) enhances surface quality and aesthetics, and provides short cycle times. Designers and molders can use RHCM together with Makrolon® polycarbonate and Bayblend® PC+ABS blend from Covestro to create surfaces with high gloss or matte finishes on the same part, while reducing or eliminating weld lines. This technology can also help improve the quality of thin-wall parts with defect-free surfaces.

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Rapid heating and cooling molding

Makrolon® polycarbonate and Bayblend® PC+ABS blend – the state of the art materials for a broad range of design applications that possesses phenomenal properties

  • Featuring good heat resistance, both of these materials are not easily damaged by heat.
  • Makrolon® polycarbonate and Bayblend® PC+ABS blend both feature high dimensional stability, meaning they retain their original shape when exposed to heat or humidity.
  • Makrolon® polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, lightweight with glass-like transparency and impact resistant – even at extremely low temperatures.
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  • Bayblend® PC+ABS blend offers excellent creep resistance and high toughness, even at cold temperatures.
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