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Lighting the way

Covestro and Hella sharpen focus on LED technology

Lighting manufacturers depend on Covestro’s innovative products to meet their needs for replacement lamps and next-generation luminaries. We offer a wide array of polycarbonate resins and blends for lighting solutions, including grades with improved light transmission and flame retardance.

Supplier: Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.
Industry: Electrical
Application: Street lamp
Product: Makrolon® LED polycarbonate

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These are challenging times for municipalities, which must juggle multiple priorities, including improving public safety and reducing energy consumption. Achieving these objectives is even more difficult as many municipalities are operating under reduced budgets. Working with Covestro, Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. developed a street lighting solution tailored to meet these challenges.

The Eco StreetLine utilizes energy-efficient LED technology. Depending on the ambient lighting conditions, the street lights can be dimmed by as much as 50 percent. The long service life of the LED modules -- 12 years or 50,000 hours – helps reduce operating costs.

Helping to ensure or even improve vehicular and pedestrian safety is achieved by targeted bundling and guidance of the LED light with the help of special optical lenses. Hella turned to Makrolon® LED polycarbonate, which was formulated specifically for use with LED technology.

Covestro offers several grades of polycarbonate for the LED market. They feature very high light transmission, high thermal stability, excellent stability under high LED flux and clear flame retardant properties.

Makrolon® polycarbonate can be processed by injection molding, giving designers the freedom to implement complex lens shapes. Lenses formed from polycarbonate are also more break-resistant and significantly more resistant to high temperatures than other transparent plastics.

The main properties of Makrolon® LED polycarbonate grades are:

  • Higher light transmission
  • Glass-like transparency
  • High impact strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Improved luminous flux
  • High thermal stability
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