Polycarbonate Resins and Blends for Light Rail Trams Case Study

Fast track to the future of light rail tram design

Polycarbonates Transport Light Rail Tram Design to New Heights

As population growth and urbanization fuel reliance on mass transit , manufacturers are continually looking for ways to improve this important transportation mode. Reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, while maximizing safety and passenger comfort, are objectives at the pinnacle of modern transportation technology and development.

OEM: China South Railway Nanjing Puzhen 
Supplier: Covestro
Industry: Transportation
Application: Interior wall panels of railway trams
Product: Bayblend® FR3030 (PC+ABS, PC+ASA blend), Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets

Full case study:

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China South Railway Nanjing Puzhen had these goals in mind when implementing new designs for low-floor trams in the Suzhou New District.

Because Bayblend® FR 3030 (PC+ABS, PC+ASA blend) and Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets fulfill these requirements and more, they were selected by the engineering department of China South Railway for the interior wall paneling of its new metro line number 1 tram design.

Bayblend® FR and Makrolon® sheets not only provide the light weight that is desired for energy savings when operating railway vehicles, but also have the characteristics that are necessary for passenger comfort and safety.

The thermoplastic sheets pass all flame and smoke safety requirements, and provide excellent durability. Furthermore, they are produced through a process that minimizes emissions, allowing for less environmental impact during manufacturing.

Also, the polycarbonate and polycarbonate blend sheets are available in appealing colors , designs and surface structures, making them beneficial for state-of-the art interior designs.

Our mass transit experience, along with the design, safety and energy-efficiency capabilities offered by the thermoplastic sheets, helped China South Railway Nanjing Puzhen achieve the sleek and safe rail trams it envisioned.

Bayblend® FR3030 (PC+ABS, PC+ASA blend) resin:

  • Flame retardant
  • Unreinforced
  • Extrusion grade
  • UL 94 V-0 rated at 1.5 mm

Makrolon® polycarbonate:

  • Impact resistant
  • Lightweight
  • High dimensional stability
  • Glass-like transparency
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