Thermoplastic car exhaust part is no longer a “pipe” dream

Enhanced finishing and designs possible with high-heat polycarbonate

Thermoplastic car exhaust part trim is no longer a “pipe” dream

Consumers want their cars to be stylish, safe and incorporate the latest technologies. In response, automotive designers, suppliers and OEMs are always looking for ways to enhance design and functionality.

High-heat PC+ABS blend resin from Covestro enabled GERHARDI to create the first concept car exhaust tailpipe part with thermoplastic trim.


Automotive designers and manufacturers are constantly looking ahead for ways to cut vehicle weight, reduce cost and expand design possibilities. One way to achieve this is to replace heavy and costly metals with alternative materials.


GERHARDI set out to see if it was possible to replace traditional metal car exhaust tailpipe trim with a thermoplastic blend, creating the first concept part of its kind. GERHARDI was looking for a thermoplastic that would look like metal, but be lighter and offer more design freedom.


Covestro developed Apec® 150 PG high-heat PC+ABS blend resin as a lighter alternative to steel. The first high-heat PC+ABS blend resin grade suitable for electroplating, the material achieves a Class-A surface yet is tough enough to withstand the wear and tear caused by typical road conditions and high temperatures of the exhaust system. Plus, it offers additional design freedom, including the ability to incorporate ambient lighting for eye-catching, distinctive styling consumers love.

Apec® – the state of the art thermoplastic that can beat the heat with phenomenal material properties

Apec® 150 PG high-heat PC+ABS blend resin is an amorphous material, meaning that it has no internal crystalline structure.

Apec® 150 PG is the first high-heat PC+ABS blend resin for electroplating applications, where the material is covered in a thin layer of metal, in the high heat range.

This high-heat PC+ABS blend grade provides good impact resistance, design freedom and can achieve a Class A surface – beneficial attributes for exterior automotive parts.

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