Reducing patient wait time in clinical and hospital environments

Reducing patient wait time in clinical and hospital environments

Disinfection system relies on Apec® high-heat polycarbonate

Many factors can contribute to a patient’s wait, including the time to disinfect instruments after each treatment. Shortening this process can improve efficiency in clinical and hospital environments.

Tristel Stella
With Apec® 1745 high-heat polycarbonate from Covestro, the Stella System shortens the time to disinfect instruments.


The Stella System shortens the time needed to disinfect endoscopic and ultrasound instruments, helping boost patient treatment efficiency by up to 87 percent. It combines the simplicity of manual soaking with the safety features and sophistication of an automated washer-disinfector.


OEM Tristel Solutions required a biocompatible, heat-resistant and medical-grade polycarbonate that could withstand autoclave temperatures high as 134°C, which significantly reduces the time required during the disinfection process of the Stella System.


Apec® 1745 high-heat polycarbonate from Covestro fit the bill. Its proven performance, along with features like ultra-high-heat resistance, solid impact strength and glass-like transparency – the latter which enables users to monitor the entire disinfection process – were ideal for supporting and enhancing sterilization activity. Easy processing of the material allows the large contamination tray to be molded in one piece, which reduces assembly time and eliminates the risk of liquid leakage.

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High-level disinfection system

Apec® – the state of the art thermoplastic that can beat the heat with phenomenal material properties

Apec® 1745 high-heat polycarbonate is biocompatible, according to many ISO 10993-1 test requirements.

The medical grade polycarbonate is suitable for high-heat applications, including superheated steam sterilization up to 143 °C.

Apec® 1745 is exceptionally durable and impact resistant.

This material features good dimensional stability, meaning it retains its original shape when exposed to heat or humidity.

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