dcsimg New polycarbonate grades for ultra-thin notebook computers

Ultra thin, ultra durable, ultra portable

High-tech thermoplastics for razor-thin notebooks

Consumers want their laptops to be thin, light weight, durable and, of course, stylish. To produce these “ultra-notebooks”, manufacturers need an equally advanced material. Fortunately, they can turn to high-performance reinforced polycarbonates and polycarbonate blends from Covestro to bring the next generation of laptops to market.

Industry: Electronics
Application: Ultra-thin notebook electronic housing
Product: Makrolon® GF9011 MF, Makrolon® GF9012 MF,
                 Makrolon® GF9013 MF, Makrolon® GF9014,
                 Makrolon® GF9015 polycarbonate
                 Bayblend® FR3023 (PC+ABS blend)

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Our reinforced thermoplastics provide better heat management than aluminum housings and can also contain post-consumer recycled polycarbonate. They are also inherently light, yet durable. This makes it possible to considerably reduce casing thickness and weight – ideal for people on the go – while enabling manufacturers to achieve the sleek, stylish and personalized look consumers crave for their electronic accessories.

Polycarbonates and polycarbonate blends from Covestro enable manufacturers to produce housings in a wide range of colors, surface textures and finishes, including wood grain and nature motifs. The materials can be injection molded into complex geometric structures, giving manufacturers total design freedom.

These materials also offer processing advantages, as they can be quickly and efficiently injection molded on a mass scale, saving energy and time. In fact, one set of housing components can be produced in less than one minute!

The benefits of Covestro’s reinforced polycarbonates are not limited to notebook applications, but are also applicable to outer housings of other IT devices, such as smart phones.

Our portfolio of materials for notebook housings include:

  • Bayblend® FR3023
  • Makrolon® GF9011 MF
  • Makrolon® GF9012 MF
  • Makrolon® GF9013 MF
  • Makrolon® GF9014
  • Makrolon® GF9015

The main properties of polycarbonates are:

  • Reinforced
  • Lightweight
  • Good melt flow
  • Dimensional stability
  • High strength and modulus
  • Excellent UL performance
  • Flame retardant
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