Clearly durable plastic for vandalism-resistant lighting

Covestro plastic for vandalism-resistant lighting

Clearly durable lighting stays strong

Lighting in public spaces plays an essential role in wayfinding and enhancing safety. Clear and durable vandalism-resistant lighting helps ensure that public spaces remain well lit.

Vyrtych’s Rambo series of luminaires utilizes durable Makrolon® ET3227 polycarbonate from Covestro to enhance the lamps’ vandalism resistance.


Protecting against vandalism without compromising function is a concern for lighting in public buildings and parking garages. Lighting manufacturers are lookling for lightweight materials that impart durability and strength to protect against vandalism and damage.


Czech manufacturer Vyrtych was in search of a high-performance material that was robust yet transparent for its Rambo series of luminaires for use in vandalism-prone public areas.


The unique combination of physical strength and thermal stability in comparison to other transparent polymers makes Makrolon® ET3227 polycarbonate from Covestro an excellent choice for luminaires under severe service conditions, such as Vyrtech’s Rambo series. The durability of the Rambo luminaires is due to the high impact strength of the lamp cover made of Makrolon® ET3227 polycarbonate. The polycarbonate material also provides transparency and long-lasting optical properties to the lamps.

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Vandalism-resistant luminaires

Makrolon® polycarbonate – the versatile, state-of-the-art plastic with phenomenal material properties

Makrolon® ET3227 has good dimensional stability, retaining its shape when exposed to heat or humidity, enabling components to be manufactured with high precision and reproducibility.

The polycarbonate material is UV-stabilized, providing long-term durability when exposed to UV-light.

Makrolon® ET3227 polycarbonate has a viscosity especially intended for excellent processing behavior when extruded to profiles with complex shape.

Because of Makrolon® ET3227 polycarbonate’s good heat resistance, the material is not easily damaged by heat.

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