dcsimg Makrolon® polycarbonate for Vyrtych Rambo Luminaires Case Study

Plastic for vandalism-resistant lighting

Vyrtych counts on polycarbonate from Covestro for lamp housings

Lighting in public buildings and parking garages needs to be protected from vandalism without compromising function. For these applications, high-performance materials that are robust yet transparent are needed.

OEM: Vyrtych a.s.
Supplier: Covestro AG
Industry: Electrical
Application: Vandalism-proven luminaires
Product: Makrolon® ET3227 polycarbonate

Full case study:

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Czech manufacturer Vyrtych turned to Covestro’s durable polycarbonate for use in its Rambo series of vandalism-proven luminaires. Polycarbonate provides long-lasting optical properties to these lamps, which are particularly susceptible to forceful impacts.

The durability of the Rambo luminaires is due to the high impact strength of the lamp cover made of Makrolon® ET3227 polycarbonate. This Covestro material is very easy to process using extrusion, and possesses good dimensional stability that enables components to be manufactured with high precision and reproducibility.

The unique combination of  physical strength and thermal stability in comparison to other transparent polymers makes Makrolon® ET3227 an excellent choice for luminaires under severe service conditions.

The main properties of Makrolon® ET3227 polycarbonate are:

  • Good dimensional stability
  • UV stabilized
  • Good heat resistance
  • High viscosity, easy to extrude

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