Makrolon® 2407 Polycarbonate for iCorners™ Case Study

Protection that doesn’t cut corners

Innovative iCorners™ Utilize Polycarbonate to Protect Mobile Devices

People are leading active lives, and technology has adapted to our fast-paced lifestyle. Portable technologies, like iPads® and iPhones ®, have enabled people to stay online while on the go. All of this hustling and bustling increases the odds that a device can be dropped and damaged.

OEM: Simple Innovations, LLC 
Supplier: Covestro 
Industry: Consumer Products
                 Electronics, IT and Communication
Application: iCorners™ 
Product: Makrolon® 2407 polycarbonate

Full case study:

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To address the possible risks to portable technologies from this hectic lifestyle, Simple Innovations LLC created iCorners™. When searching for the ideal material for this unique, protective product, Simple Innovations turned to Covestro and specifically Makrolon® 2407 polycarbonate, which satisfied the company’s need for a material that was clear and tough.

Makrolon® 2407 offers exceptional physical and mechanical properties and is proven in demanding applications. From a processing perspective, the UV-stabilized grade also offers easy release from the mold and low viscosity. 

iCorners™ help protect the body and screen of mobile devices, such as iPads® and iPhones®, without compromising their sleek design. This is achieved by keeping most of the housing exposed and only covering the very corners of the device with transparent, protective pieces. The iCorners™ are designed in such a way that they provide scratch and drop damage protection to the screen glass and housing.

When using an Apple® iPad® Smart Cover® for example, iCorners™ do not interfere with the cover’s functioning but rather enhance its use by adding drop damage protection and housing scratch protection.

Now that’s protection that doesn’t cut corners.

The main properties of Makrolon® 2407 polycarbonate are:

  • General purpose
  • Low viscosity
  • Easy release
  • UV-stabilized
  • Transparent
  • Tough
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