Bayblend® Polycarbonate Blend for LiIon Pedelec Batteries Case S

Pedal power: Plastics play role in electromobility solution

Polycarbonates from Covestro Help Protect LiIon Pedelec Batteries

Although today’s batteries for pedelecs and e-bikes are efficient, they are exposed to several kinds of wear and tear: A pedelec can drop and the battery can hit the ground. In addition, the bikes are frequently exposed to wind and the elements.

Supplier: Covestro Deutschland AG
Industry: Electromobility
Application: Pedelec batteries (e-bike)
Product: Bayblend® FR3040 (PC+ABS blend)
                 Bayblend® T65 XF (PC+ABS blend)

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To ensure the reliability of these electromobility devices, the lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries must be protected. Covestro has supported BMZ GmbH, a leading system supplier of Li-Ion batteries with a durable, lightweight and safe materials solution in combination with technical CAE assistance.

BMZ’s new UR-V5 batteries are mounted on a bike frame and can be removed for charging with an easy swivel motion. Several battery components are formed from Bayblend® (PC+ABS blend) resin from Covestro.

Bayblend® FR3040 proved to be the material of choice for the cell holder inside the Li-Ion battery and also the insulating plates. This flame-retardant grade fulfills the high standards of Underwriters Laboratories: The product achieves UL 94V V-0 classification at a wall thickness of 0.75 millimeters, and V-1 at 0.6 millimeters.

For the battery housing components, BMZ uses impact-resistant Bayblend® T65 XF. Thanks to its good ductility and flow characteristics, this grade can be processed efficiently even in the thin wall thicknesses that are in demand today. As an amorphous material, Bayblend® T65 XF lends itself to precision injection molding, a clear advantage for preventing water from penetrating the housing.

The main properties of Bayblend® FR3040 (PC+ABS blend) polycarbonate are:

  • High impact resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • Injection molding grade
  • For thin-wall applications
  • UL recognition 94 V-0 at 0.75 mm and above and V-1 at 0.6 mm

The main properties of Bayblend® T65 XF (PC+ABS blend) polycarbonate are:

  • Good ductility and flow
  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Easy processing
  • Injection molding grade
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