Light Guides

Light Guides

From where we work and live to the vehicles we drive and the places we go, LED lighting is replacing traditional lighting in diverse markets due to its low energy consumption, low maintenance and long service life. Covestro develops innovative polycarbonate materials well-suited for LED lighting applications.

LED Light Guides

If you design or manufacture tertiary optical accessories such as light guides, Covestro can supply polycarbonate grades to meet your specific requirements in optimizing the use of LEDs. Whether your applications are in the automotive or non-automotive field, our light guide grades display the following product qualities:

High light transmission over a broad range of wavelengths

Excellent long-term heat and high flux stability

Much longer product life than other polymers for luminaire designs with high heat requirements

High mechanical stability

Inherent flame retardance

Exceptional purity to optimize light transmission

Makrofol® film for light guides

Light guide film (LGF) applications open up further areas of applications, such as keypads for handheld electronic devices. To make this technology possible, Makrofol® LM907 was developed with very special technical properties:

Excellent light transmission and color consistency

Excellent optical properties to enhance homogeneity and deliver high brightness

Good embossing ability, formability, and dimensional stability

Covestro‘s range of product solutions for light guides

Very high-purity Makrolon® LED grades

Makrofol® films with light-guiding properties

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