Sustain lives during surgery

Polycarbonates for Cardiovascular Medical Devices

Cardiovascular medical devices are used by physicians daily to sustain life during surgery. Designers and manufacturers of cardiovascular devices depend on the quality and reliability of biocompatible polycarbonate resins from Covestro.


Covestro’s Makrolon® biocompatible polycarbonate exhibits toughness, glass-like transparency, and is easily moldable. These attributes are ideal for constructing complex components of blood pumps which circulate oxygenated blood during heart surgery and allows blood in the reservoirs to flow continuously without damage to blood cells.

Additional attributes of our medical grade plastics include heat resistance, dimensional stability and capability to be sterilized through a broad spectrum of techniques. Assortment of polycarbonates and blends from Covestro are used in cardiovascular devices including blood oxygenators, reservoirs and automated external defibrillators.

Case Studies

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