Drug Delivery

Polycarbonate Resins for Drug Delivery Devices

With continuous introduction of novel pharmaceuticals, drug delivery devices are challenged to constantly improve. Covestro’s biocompatible polycarbonates help drug delivery devices reach this level of reliability and excellence.

Drug Delivery

Portable devices need to withstand every day use and chemical interaction. Makrolon® is engineered to be tough, resistant to medication and sterilized for safe use. Bayblend® M850 XF and M750 are used in drug delivery devices for their biocompatibility, rigidity as well as dimensional and color stability.

Makroblend® M525 has excellent chemical resistance, particularly versus everyday products like suntan and hand lotions, which makes this material a superb fit for wearable devices. A medical device where Makroblend M525 is used is on housing for a wearable drug delivery pump.

Many other medical devices used for drug delivery utilize our Makrolon, Bayblend and Makroblend polycarbonates and blends, such as auto-injectors, and mobile medical injector pumps.

Case Studies

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