Housings for Medical Devices

Polycarbonate provides protection

Polycarbonate Resins and Blends for Medical Device Housings

Housings for medical devices require materials that are durable to ensure protection of interior components. Polycarbonate resins and blends designed by Covestro are strong and rigid as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Housing for Medical Devices

Bayblend® PC+ABS blend is well-suited in medical device housings for a variety of applications including oxygen concentrators and automated external defibrillators. It offers a favorable combination of mechanical and thermal properties and exhibits dimensional stability, rigidity at low temperatures and flame retardancy.

As healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) continue to be a concern in hospitals and other clinical settings, more aggressive disinfectants are being used to combat infectious agents. Certain Makroblend® materials are designed to withstand chemical disinfection processes and have improved chemical resistance. Makroblend® materials from Covestro have greatly improved customer’s experience as well as diminished customer complaints associated with blemished and cracked housings.

For housings that require contact with intact skin, Covestro offers Bayblend® M301FR, M303 FR and Makroblend® M525 which have met ISO testing requirements for Cytotoxicity and Irritation and Sensitization for specific colors. Additional colors which utilize biocompatibility-tested colorants can be formulated as well.

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