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Polycarbonate resins for Intravenous Access

Covestro biocompatible polycarbonate resins provide the convenience needed for medical staff and patients to easily administer medication.

Makrolon® polycarbonate is the ideal material to craft the complex components of intravenous access and injection systems. Our leading polycarbonate provides an outstanding balance of properties including transparency, strength against impact, and positive flow support.

Makrolon® Rx1805 provides high lipid resistance to prevent stress cracking of advanced intravenous access components when they are in contact with infusion of lipid based pharmaceuticals or nutrients as well as resistance to isopropyl alcohol that is commonly used in these applications.

Additionally, our Makrolon® polycarbonate Rx1805, Rx2430, Rx2435, Rx2440 and Rx2530 have the ability to be sterilized using electron beam or gamma radiation with a shift to a neutral tint after sterilization. Makrolon® Rx2440 has been designed for devices sterilized by radiation in oxygen-free packaging. Further details about how our materials behave upon radiation sterilization can be found in the Medical Reference Guide.

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