Respiratory Devices

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Polycarbonate Resins for Respiratory Devices

Medical staff and patients can breathe a sigh of relief. Covestro has developed polycarbonate resins that meet the rigorous demands of medical inhalation devices. Covestro offers biocompatible materials for respiratory devices that are high quality, cost efficient, and can easily be sterilized for repeated use.

Respiratory Devices

Apec® 1745 high-heat polycarbonate is ideal for use in inhalation devices such as nebulizers, and inhalers. Apec® is a highly cost effective material for use in applications such as facemasks that have a liquid silicone rubber over-molded seal. Flame rated Makrolon® and Bayblend® can also be used in housing components such as oxygen concentrators and portable ventilation systems. These materials are noted for their combination of high impact strength and a good balance of high heat distortion and mechanical performance.

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