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Makrolon® for Security & Protection

Day in and day out, those working in the security profession put their lives at risk to help keep us safe. But they need to be protected, too. Their gear should allow maximum possible protection while also being lightweight to ensure great comfort and free moving space.

Safety first with Makrolon®
Safety first with Makrolon®

Makrolon® polycarbonate delivers high-performance properties security professionals can rely on.

The tough, yet lightweight properties of Makrolon® make this material ideal for use in helmets, riot shields, holsters other tactical gear. Its high-transparency makes it valuable for lenses in gas masks. When used in hydration packs, Makrolon® can help security professionals stay well-hydrated.

Makrolon® also offers high temperature resistance and good electrical isolation properties. Utilized in electronic navigation device housings and radio housings and antennas, it provides the technology that can help security professionals find their way even in the toughest terrain while staying in communication with headquarters.

From the tactical gear they wear to the field gear they carry, Makrolon® from Covestro can help keep security professionals safe and secure.

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