Part and mold design optimization

Flow, cool and warp analysis

Good part and mold design is essential to the production of high quality, injection-molded parts. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) analysis software is an important tool for optimizing part and mold design. As a leading supplier of polycarbonate resins and blends, Covestro can help customers use these tools to produce quality parts.

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Covestro works with customers to optimize part and mold design using filling, cooling and warpage CAE analysis tools. 

  • Filling analysis to predict flow-balancing and filling pressure for runner design and part thickness optimization.
  • Cooling analysis to predict temperature distribution and the existence of hot-spots (if any) for cooling design evaluation and cycle time optimization.
  • Warpage analysis to predict warpage behavior due to non-uninform shrinkage, uneven cooling, and material orientation.

While beneficial for all types of molded parts, flow, cool and warp analysis is particularly advantageous for large, thin-walled parts. TV housing parts, for example, require higher injection pressure and at the same time have less stiffness. Consequently, these parts tend to warp, making part/mold design with such CAE tools necessary.

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