No more guesswork

Mechanical drop test simulation

Hand-held electronic devices, such as a computer mouse or a cell phone, must fulfill drop test requirements. Relying solely on the expertise of the mechanical engineer to design a product that will pass this test may require many time-consuming rounds of trial-and error.

There is a better alternative.

Full case study:

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Sophisticated mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software allows engineers to simulate the drop test performance of a design prior to fabricating physical prototypes or trial parts. This helps eliminate the guesswork that typically goes into drop tests and reduces the number of tests required. This typically shortens the product development cycle.

Covestro can provide support to customers in the use of CAE tools for mechanical design optimization in the following areas:

  • Material characterization reflecting the plastic mechanical behavior under high strain rate conditions.
  • Simulation predicting the mechanical performance of the plastic parts.
  • Ideas and suggestions on how to improve the mechanical design.

Leveraging Covestro’s technical CAE expertise can help customers avoid costly and time-consuming revisions during the product development cycle.

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