Cooling techniques

Mold cooling optimization

Cooling has the greatest effect on molding cycle time, cost and the overall quality of the molded part, yet it is often forgotten during the process. Optimized cooling systems can help parts manufacturers produce quality molded parts in an efficient manner.

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Because much of the molding cycle is devoted to cooling time, cooling techniques for molded parts should be well planned in order to minimize production cycle times and costs.

For example, drilled cooling lines do not conform well to rounded shapes, resulting in uneven cooling, potential part quality issues and extended cycle times. One technique used to resolve this problem involves machining spiral cooling channels onto the outside surface of core inserts. Another technique places the cooling channels on slices of the mold that are later stacked and braised together.

Customers can turn to Covestro, a leader in materials technology, for technical expertise related to mold cooling optimization.

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