From concept to commercialization

Part design - polycarbonate by design

Covestro knows that successfully taking a part from concept to commercialization requires the ability to juggle multiple factors.
We have a long track record of working alongside our customers to provide not only our materials, but also valuable technical expertise including assistance throughout the part design and manufacturing process.

Common draft guidelines for polycarboante parts
Common draft guidelines for polycarbonate parts

Product designers and engineers have many factors to consider when designing parts made of polycarbonate, including functional requirements, ergonomics, aesthetic needs and economics. Focus on defining and maximizing part function and appearance, evaluating process options, conducting prototype testing and reducing manufacturing costs. Evaluate your part and material requirements, since they will influence both part design and material selection.

Considering such factors as mechanical loading, ultraviolet stability, color needs and surface finish will help determine the most appropriate grade of polycarbonate for the application. Covestro offers a variety of polycarbonate and polycarbonate blend resins suitable for a wide range of parts.

There’s more to part design than the name implies. Creating a design isn’t the end; its just the beginning. For best results, part design should be viewed as an ongoing process beginning with initial concept development and continuing through fabrication. More specifically, it encompasses creating an initial design, planning for the part’s manufacturability, taking into account fundamentals of the material, considering long and short-term structural needs planning for final assembly and anticipating potential mold-related considerations such as runners, gating and warpage.

Working with Covestro and keeping these aspects in mind throughout the whole process will help you design parts successfully and efficiently.


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