Selecting a manufacturing method

Processing technologies for polycarbonate

Depending on the material grade and specific end product, manufacturers have several options for processing polycarbonate, including injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and blow molding.

Injection molding machine
Injection molding machine

Covestro assists manufacturers in selecting the process most appropriate for their specified polycarbonate material and best-suited to produce the characteristics required for the final part.

Selecting the proper processing technology, along with the appropriate polycarbonate grade, can help manufacturers achieve the functional and aesthetic properties they desire for their final parts.  



  • Injection molding – is frequently used to process polycarbonate parts for diverse markets, including automotive, medical devices, electronicsLEDs  and optical media.
  • Extrusion – is a continuous process for producing sheet, film, tubes and pipes. Covestro offers a number of extrusion grades tailored to the needs of the extrusion manufacturer.
  • Thermoforming – is an economical choice for many large applications - such as truck tonneau covers - that involve smaller production runs.
  • Blow molding – is a successful method for manufacturing water bottles and the most commonly used production process for these high-specification containers.

A number of fundamental elements need to be considered related to processing. These may include unit cleaning, drying, data processing, optimization and troubleshooting. More specific technical data related to these areas is available by following the links above.

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