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Polycarbonate processing fundamentals

Planning and preparation are critical to successfully forming polycarbonate parts, and there are a number of fundamental processing-related factors that need to be considered. Covestro has the technical expertise and services necessary to assist processors and manufacturers in these areas.

Whether you use injection molding, blow moldingthermoforming or another processing method, taking the following basic fundamentals into consideration will help you form high-quality parts.

  • Cleaning the Plasticizing Unit: Before beginning a molding run, the cylinder must be cleaned of any residual polymer material left over from a previous run. The cylinder can be cleaned by purging it with general-purpose polystyrene or through a mechanical cleaning method.
  • Drying: The drying of polycarbonates is essential. Improper drying of materials prior to processing can result in part defects. 
  • Production Equipment: Selecting the right size of machinery and proper components is paramount to a successful processing.
  • Plastification Unit: Wear can directly influence the quality of formed parts, so measures should be taken to provide plastification units with additional protection.
  • Processing Data: Its important for the machine to be configured using parameters derived from material-specific data. Material data sheets and other informational resources are available from Covestro.
  • Process Optimization: The properties of formed parts are critically influenced by process control. The individual process stages of melting, forming and cooling affect the final part’s quality.
  • Troubleshooting: Faults result from different causes, and therefore, have different suggested remedies. Covestro experts provide troubleshooting services to manufacturers.


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