Maximizing productivity, profitability in thermoplastic part production

Injection molding: Flexible process for diverse products

Due to its many advantages, injection molding is frequently used to produce polycarbonate parts for diverse industries, including automotive, medical devices, electronics, LEDs and optical media. The fundamental properties of Makrolon® polycarbonate and Bayblend® (PC+ABS, PC+ASA blend) resins make them well-suited to the injection molding process.

Injection molding machine for large parts
Injection molding machine for large parts

Injection molding is an efficient process for producing polycarbonate parts in nearly any shape for nearly any industry.

During the process, thermoplastic pellets are fed into a heated barrel, mixed and forced into a mold at high pressure. The heated thermoplastic cools and hardens, forming a part that takes the shape of the mold.
Some key advantages of this process include:



  • Fast cycle time
  • Ability to produce large quantities of parts
  • Ability to accommodate a variety of part sizes
  • Excellent part-to-part repeatability
  • Creation of parts with tight tolerances

This versatile process has been tailored to meet evolving application and market needs:

Achieving and maintaining process consistency is vital to maximizing part productivity and profitability. Covestro strives to help injection molders achieve a high degree of process consistency through resin quality and the support of our experienced technical service staff.


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